Ashkan Jasour

Robotics Technologist
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91101







Research Interests: Risk-Aware Control, Planning, AI, and Optimization Under Uncertainty for Robotic Systems

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  • Robotics Technologist 
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

  • Research Scientist
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

  • Postdoctoral Associate
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

    Toyota Research Institute (TRI)

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    PhD-Minor in Mathematics
    The Pennsylvania State University



Ingenuity Mars Helicopter,  Location on Mars,  Images



Aug 2024  We are organizing a special track on "Safe, Robust and Responsible AI" at AAAI-24

July 2023  RSS 2023Our paper is a finalist for the Best Paper Award at Robotics:Sciecne and Systems 2023

Jun 2023  RSS 2023 Paper: "Convex Geometric Motion Planning on Lie Groups via Moment Relaxation"

Jun 2023  IJRR Paper: "Convex Risk Bounded Continuous-Time Trajectory Planning and Tube Design in Uncertain Nonconvex Environments"

May 2023  ICRA 2023 paper: "Moment-based Kalman Filter: Nonlinear Kalman Filtering with Exact Moment Propagation"

July 2022  We are organizing a special track on "Safe and Robust AI" at AAAI-23

May 2022  ICRA 2022: Our paper on risk-bounded nonlinear planning under uncertainty won the Outstanding Planning Paper Award

May 2022  MIT News has featured our recent work on risk-bounded nonlinear planning under uncertainty

July 2021 Talk @ SIAM Conference On Optimization 2021: "Efficient Algorithms for Large-Scale Chance Constrained Problem"

May 2021  We are organizing a special issue on "Risk-Aware Autonomous Systems: Theory and Practice" in the Artificial Intelligence Journal (AIJ)  

May 2021  RSS 2021 Paper: "Convex Risk Bounded Continuous-Time Trajectory Planning in Uncertain Nonconvex Environments"

Oct 2020  Talk @ INFORMS 2020: Talk1: Risk Aware Nonlinear Planning And Control  Talk2: Large-scale Semidefinite Programming For Certifiably Correct Machine Perception

May 2020  RSS 2020 Paper: "Fast Risk Assessment for Autonomous Vehicles Using Learned Models of Agent Futures"

Apr 2020  Talk @ MIT-LIDS"Moment-Sum-Of-Squares based Semidefinite Programming for Chance Constrained Optimization"

July 2019  Teaching:  New Graduate-Level Course "MIT 16.S498: Risk Aware and Robust Nonlinear Planning (rarnop)", Fall 2019.
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July 2019  Talk @ 3rd Summer School on Cognitive Robotics, USC"Risk bounded Nonlinear Planning"

Jun 2019  RSS 2019 Paper: "Risk Contours Map for Risk Bounded Motion Planning under Perception Uncertainties"

July 2018  Talk @ 2nd Summer School on Cognitive Robotics, MIT"Risk bounded Motion Planning"