July 2021: SIAM Conference on Optimization, Probabilistic Optimization and Control Symposium

Talk: Efficient Algorithms for Large-Scale Chance Constrained Problems

Oct 2020: INFORMS 2020

Talk1: Risk Aware Nonlinear Planning And Control

Talk2: Large-scale Semidefinite Programming For Certifiably Correct Machine Perception

July 2020: 4th Summer School on Cognitive Robotics, CSIRO-Data61, Australia, July, 2020.

 Talk: Risk Aware Control and Optimization

April 2020: vsOPT- a Virtual Seminar on Optimization and Related Areas, MIT 

Talk: Moment-Sum-Of-Squares based Semidefinite Programming for Chance Constrained Optimization,   Slides    Talk Video

Jun 2019 : Robotics: Science and System (RSS), Germany, 2019,

Risk Contours Map for Risk Bounded Motion Planning under Perception Uncertainties,

July 2019: 3rd Summer School on Cognitive Robotics, USC, 2019,

Risk Bounded Nonlinear Planning:

July 2018: ​2nd Summer School on Cognitive Robotics, MIT, 2018,

Risk Bounded Motion Planning:

Oct 2018: INFORMS 2018

Talk: Semide nite Programming For Chance Constrained Optimization Over Semialgebraic Sets